By Erik Tan, Founder of SG Business UNITED

4th Jun 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of many people. It also takes a toll on the economic status of every country infested by the virus. However, the quarantine measures brought by the government gave many opportunities for people to start-up new businesses. The striving small and local businesses have shown immense growth in the industry with its attempt to cater needs and wants of people within their areas.

A big help to the small and medium enterprises is their online presence. Before the pandemic, business owners rely on different media to market their products. However, with the limited access to the outside world, people greatly depend on their handphones and gadgets for entertainment, communication and even living their daily routines.

The industry of courier and online shopping flourished. Suddenly businesses transitioned into offering delivery services and find ways to reinforce contact-less transactions. The digitalization of operations among businesses becomes the most relevant and necessary move at this standpoint. Therefore, utilizing the technological advancement brought digitalization is very important for the businesses who are aiming to grow amid this tragedy.

How does digital transformation help businesses? With people being engaged to the internet more nowadays as they stay home, all the more they get immersed into the information in the internet. So, focusing your marketing strategies into improving social media plans and website will drive sales one way or another.

Having a strong online presence entails an optimized social media accounts and effective websites with quality content that would carry the brand and the vision of your business. These two instruments are a great foundation into finding and strengthening ties with your prospect consumers. Even after the pandemic, once you have established a strong presence online, your business would stay relevant.

Now, it is more than just a battle of word of mouth to advertise or market your product. What becomes more effective is what is written about it online. Reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog posts in WordPress or LinkedIn are the things that will help you keep the business moving and growing. The true battle lies on who delivers the best marketing strategy online and those who can adopt new tech in their advertising strategy will emerge the strongest.

With many small businesses starting, the competition might be somehow tougher, but the digital media makes it easier now, only thing to do is invest time and effort. The digital platform only finds ways to innovate and advance as time pass by learning how to adapt to the changes brought by the impact of these social conditions through maximizing the use of these new platforms widens your reach. And not just that, it might become your ultimate tool to success.